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KNOWALL IT are pleased to announce the launch of .UK domain names.

The New shorter, sharper .uk domain became available on 10th June 2014.

With over 50,000 registrations within the first 24 hours, this is one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record.

The .uk is set to become the new standard for UK based websites as businesses look for a short memorable domain with the popular and trusted .uk ending.

Knowall Managed IT are leaders in the IT industry, they have a passion and drive to keep ahead of the market, always looking for ways to increase knowledge and leading edge technology. Their clients can be assured their professionalism and dedication is key. Trust Knowall IT with all your company’s IT requirements such as getting your company on the cloud with cloud computing.

Read about Knowall Managed IT Cloud computing services available:

Private enterprise cloud London for small businesses that is flexible, always available, secure and limitlessness scalable – built on an enterprise infrastructure dedicated exclusively for your organization.

Knowall IT Private enterprise cloud London for SMEs works as a partner to your organisation, tailoring each cloud solution to fit in with your business requirements.

Our solutions enable businesses to host their entire IT infrastructure in the cloud, including line of business applications such as MS Office, SQL Databases, Sage, Access accounts etc. – enabling a truly flexible, agile, resilient IT platform that is cost efficient and requires minimal IT management resource.

Our Cloud platforms are all fully redundant and hosted in UK tier 3 data centres.

Click here to find out more about Private Cloud and cloud computing.

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Top Gear Festival in Durban, South Africa was fantastic

TOP GEAR FESTIVAL was greatly anticipated in Durban, South Africa in June. Thought to be the last Top Gear South Africa Show in Durban an estimated hundreds of thousands of people had been looking forward to the show.

We managed to get some of the last few tickets available and decided to head down to see what the excitement was all about. From the time we arrived there the event was fantastic. The entire show was very well supported and organised making it a flagship event for Durban which not often gets international shows or stars. Security was tight which added to the sense of the show being a large event.

Needless to say my son enjoyed every moment of hearing screeching tyres and burning rubber with the street circuit show. The adrenaline and thrill to be there was electric.

The actual show with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and The Stig was brilliant and had us laughing the entire way through.

A truly splendid experience and one which we will support next year should they return.

fantastic. The entire show was very well supported and organised making it a flagship event for Durban which not often gets international shows or stars. Security was tight which added to the sense of the show being a large event.

Needless to say my son enjoyed every moment of hearing screeching tyres and burning rubber with the street circuit show. The adrenaline and thrill to be there was electric.

The actual show with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and The Stig was brilliant and had us laughing the entire way through.

A truly splendid experience and one which we will support next year should they return.


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Explore City Hall in Greater London

An architect called Norman Foster designed the 45 m City Hall that was built in 2002, that serves as the headquarters for the Greater London Authority (GLA). The Greater London Authority comprises the Mayor of London and the London Assembly.  The City Hall is situated in the south bank of River Thames- yet again another reason as to why Holiday Lets London suggests to visit the South bank of River Thames, as the area is markedly studded with interesting tourist attractions in London. The south bank of River Thames holds the Tower Bridge, Millennium and is closer to the Battersea Park. The City Hall was built after two years of existence of the Greater London Authority.  Prior to the City Hall the Greater London Authority, for its two years of existence was based at the Romney House in Westminster. The City Hall was not built for the purpose of the Greater London Authority but has been leased for 25 years to the GLA. The total amount in cost for construction for this modern building was £43 million. The City Hall does not overlook or authorize any city as it is constantly in the midst of confusion for the City of London. The headquarters for City of London is based at the Guildhall.

Many of our clients who visit the City Hall state that the City Hall is the best that they have seen with beautiful views of the glass offices where River Thames overlooks the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London. Apartments Westfield London recommends whilst visiting the City Hall to visit the Tower of London, the ancient mechanisms of Tower Bridge and the serene St James Park that overlooks Buckingham and the St James Palace. Apartments West London self-catering accommodation is closely located to these intriguing tourist attractions mentioned above.

In order to plan an efficient and economical trip with comfortable stay, check out our Apartments near Westfield London self-catering accommodation.

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Tate Modern de Londres

Pour ceux qui aiment l’art et l’utiliser comme une expression de leur vie , la Tate Modern de Londres est un site d’attraction pour vous aider à revivre l’art britannique de 1900 à nos jours . Tate Modern de Londres est une galerie d’art moderne, qui fait partie du groupe Tate ; qui comprend la Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool , Tate St Ives et Tate Online . Avec 4,7 millions de visiteurs par an la galerie est la galerie d’art moderne le plus visité dans le monde .

Locations vacances londres centre vous propose de visiter le British Museum et le Musée national d’histoire de accomplir tout à fait une visite arty à Londres .

Les galeries ont été initialement conçus par Sir Giles Gilbert Scott . En 1992, le Musée d’art britannique a proposé un concours de design afin que le bâtiment doit être repensé ou reconstruit à soutenir la création sans escale de l’art moderne . En 1995, le Musée national britannique a annoncé que le Herzog de ​​Meuron et a remporté l’achèvement de leur conception simple . Les concepteurs ont décidé de remanier le bâtiment à l’aide de l’ancien bâtiment pour représenter trouver une nouvelle vie dans les bâtiments anciens . La Tate Modern de Londres dispose de sept étages , marqués de 0 à 6 et de 0 à 4 sont des galeries . Les principales modifications de collecte que par le thème et la collecte qui prennent 4 ailes où chaque aile prend la moitié de chaque étage. Les collections de la Tate Modern de Londres ne sont pas disposés de manière chronologique , mais plutôt d’une manière quatre du conseil dans les ailes . Les planches sont Histoire / Mémoire / Société, Nu / Action / Corps , Paysage / Matière / Environnement et Nature morte / Objet / Real Life . L’ ancienne centrale électrique appelé le Turbine Hall présente l’art contemporain commandée spéciale . Le premier artiste à exposer dans le Turbine Hall était Louis Bourgeois et la dernière étant en 2012 par Tino Sehgal .

location de vacances à londres propose cinq classes étoiles des hébergements auto qui sont décorées avec goût . Une expérience de classe et de confort peut être vécue pour une charge économique . Les logements de vacances gîte permet de Londres sont étroitement situé à la plupart des sites d’attraction agissant comme un avantage pour les clients qui s’enregistrent même pour une courte période de temps . Ainsi, bon nombre de nos vacances existant permet aux clients de Londres choisissent de réserver avec Holiday Lets London quand vous cherchez à louer un appartement à Londres . Le studio locations vacances londres permet au client de bénéficier d’un processus de réservation en toute sécurité , avec un contrôle aisé et en commodités et le luxe bien au-delà d’une chambre d’hôtel cher . Visitez notre site Locations de vacances Londres à deux votre voyage à la Tate Modern de Londres avec d’autres sites d’attraction appropriées qui peuvent vous sauver temps et argent.

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Passionate people make IBS a successful business

What sets IBS Blowers apart from their competition? They are dedicated to living up to the Mission Statement which is:‘(Our mission is) To keep the clients operation moving via astute advice, efficient service and technical excellence’.

Each member of this innovative team of people ensures they uphold their mission and collectively they ensure their clients have no unnecessary downtime.

Read about what products and services such as Pneumatic conveying and Industrial Vacuum IBS provide and how they can help your company in whatever sector of the industry you are in.

Site Visits and Support
IBS have a team of experienced engineers to provide on-site services and technical/sales staff available to provide telephone support.

They have a fleet of modern vehicles including HIAB equipped flatbeds for speedy transport, handling and on-site support.

If you would like a site visit or want to discuss a project with an engineer either in person or via telephone, simply follow the links above to the relevant page. There you will find contact details.


For site emergency situations, during working hours, they have a turnaround time of 4 hours to respond based on distances up to 100 mile radius from our nearest available engineer. Our offices are open from:

8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. Monday to Thursday
8.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Friday

US Office

For value and first class service contact IBS today by clicking here Vacuum pumps

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You deserve the right to freedom from sexual dysfunction and a fulfilling love life

The objective of the Tantric Journey treatment is to awaken the Kundalini  also called Sexual  energy of a woman.  With the essence the treatment being  female ejaculation, which is the expulsion of negative female sexual energy during emotional release therapy.  The topic of female ejaculation has been a hotly debated topic in sex therapy circles and although it is a subject that is prone to much mythology; there are supporting researches to state it is not incontinence or a defect of a woman,  but instead a natural process  that every woman is anatomically capable of.  Mal has done abundant research on female ejaculation and its benefits. In addition to his research he has plenty of immediate experience and knowledge on positive outcomes  of female ejaculation through his vast clientele.

Key to the success of Tantric Journey is Mal Weeraratne respect and understanding of his client’s needs and condition. The treatments are performed in a safe and secure environment at a pace that is defined and agreed by the client.  Mal says , ‘’I can appreciate the fact, that for many people it may be scary to start this journey. Tantric Journey is similar to taking off in a space shuttle. It’s very noisy at the beginning, making the whole earth vibrate and with plenty of smoke around. But as it goes up into the blue sky through the dark and gloomy clouds, it becomes less and less noisy and uncomfortable. When it enters space it really becomes a smooth, effortless, pleasurable journey.’’

The treatment is a culmination of Tantric Bodywork, breathing techniques, body movement and sound therapy, but it starts with a long consultation where you can discuss, What you wish to achieve from the session, What your fears are and What your boundaries are.  It can be difficult to face the  Fear – Guilt – Shame – Anger – Mistrust that are at the root of sexual dysfunction, but living in a perpetual state of anxiety, feeling concern about sexual performance,  encountering  relationship problems, living with depression, feelings of guilt, or the effects of a past sexual trauma is not conducive to a happy life. All women have the right to freedom from sexual dysfunction and a fulfilling love life.

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Dance the night away!

Are you wanting to organise a 21st party and not sure where to have it or how to go about organising it? Marquee Hire have party planners who will advise and assist with the planning and theme of any party to suit your budget and ensure the party is a great success.

P1000001_640x480  P1000107_640x480  catering_002_562x480  P1000001_640x480

Marquee Hire have a marquee to suite any occasion from Catering Marquees to party marquees they have hundreds to choose from.

Choose from starcloth roof in black or white (to create that winter look) or their specialist team of theme designers can help make your dreams a reality.

Marquee Hire supply marquees throughout the UK and Marquee hire West Sussex

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The Travelling Souk have an amazing range of handmade gifts

Fun and fabulous are just some of the unique gifts  you will find on The Travelling Souk, their range of unusual gifts  are carefully selected and usually not found on the high street.

Shopping at its best done conveniently from your computer. On line shopping is the way to go with great gift ideas all under one ‘roof’; you don’t even have to leave the luxury of your home or office.

The Travelling Souk has featured in some of the UK best magazines and newspapers… keep a lookout for any offers and exclusive gift ideas. Visit The Travelling Souk for great original gifts 

Silverware  Tablemats and Coasters  Pictures, Prints & Posters

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Lodge Brothers are constantly expanding their business

Lodge Brothers arrange a funeral Cobham have been serving the community for over 100 years and constantly expanding their vision of the business making it more accessible to everyone. They are delighted to have recently opened a branch in Cobham, Surrey. They understand the importance of arranging a funeral the way ‘you would like it” especially with their floral tributes Cobham. They also understand the last thing a grieving person wants to do is travel far and wide to find the service excellence they offer. A special Service of Dedication and Official Opening Ceremony was held at Lodge Brothers Cobham. 

On Thursday 15th May, Lodge Brothers held the Official Opening Ceremony of their new branch in Cobham.

A short Service of Dedication was held in the Chapel, performed by local ministers Reverend Robert Jenkins of St Andrews Church Cobham and Father Anthony Cadwallader of the Josephite Community Church Weybridge. Afterwards, a commemorative plaque was unveiled by His Worshipful the Mayor of Elmbridge Councillor Mike Bennison.

As it was such a glorious day, guests were then able to enjoy a canapé buffet and drinks both inside and outside the branch.

Robert Lodge explained, “A funeral is the last act you can carry out on behalf of a loved one, and we understand the importance of providing the highest level of care, compassion and professionalism at our clients time of need. Our family has been serving local communities for 230 years, and Cobham is particularly close to the heart of the Lodge family, as most of us grew up in close proximity.

We were very pleased to see so many familiar faces at the ceremony, and look forward to our continued work in the community”.

Click here for more information on floral tributes Twickenham

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Looking to earn some extra money? Look no further


Dukes of Daisy Date for Hire  were a life saver recently when I found myself in a dire situation going alone to a work function. It was a dance and everyone had a partner except me. As one knows you can’t attend a dance without a partner. A friend of mine told me about a fabulous unique service called rent a friend from Dukes of Daisy.

As I had no other alternative I decided to give it a go and went on the website and much to my surprise it was exactly what I needed. There were so many men to choose from and what I really enjoyed apart from viewing their photos was the fact that each one described himself. I went through their attributes and found a guy that I thought was quite suited to me and booked him for the function.

I was confident and rest assured by the fact that there were NO strings attached but simply put pure friendship for the occasion.

I will continue to use Dukes of Daisy as I think it’s the best service I have experienced in a Rent a Man  with no strings attached.

Click here to find out How to become a male escort

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