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Dukes of Daisy Date for Hire  were a life saver recently when I found myself in a dire situation going alone to a work function. It was a dance and everyone had a partner except me. As one knows you can’t attend a dance without a partner. A friend of mine told me about a fabulous unique service called rent a friend from Dukes of Daisy.

As I had no other alternative I decided to give it a go and went on the website and much to my surprise it was exactly what I needed. There were so many men to choose from and what I really enjoyed apart from viewing their photos was the fact that each one described himself. I went through their attributes and found a guy that I thought was quite suited to me and booked him for the function.

I was confident and rest assured by the fact that there were NO strings attached but simply put pure friendship for the occasion.

I will continue to use Dukes of Daisy as I think it’s the best service I have experienced in a Rent a Man  with no strings attached.

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