DIY Marquee have hundreds of marquees for sale

There are many different DIY Party Tents for sale or Pop up Marquees for sale although all based on the same folding tent design the difference comes down to the materials they’re made from.  The cheapest pop-up framework will use narrow and thin steel pipe, the most expensive will use thick and wide (up to 58mm) aluminium.

The covers on a pop-up tent have different demands than other marquees, it has to be far more flexible than other styles of marquee. 500d polyester with a polyurethane coating is generally seen as the most reliable material for roofs and sides with thinner, less waterproof fabric used in cheaper versions.

the pop-up diy marquee range


Pop-up marquees are ideal for those wanting a quick and easy-to-erect structure as they can be erected or dismantled in minutes. Better quality structures will be more waterproof and far stronger than other cheaper alternatives.

At DIY Marquees we only sell high-grade reliable pop-up marquees with 58mm hexagon aluminium frames and coated 500d covers.


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