DIY Party Tent Range are excellent 2-season marquees

Do you need help with buy party tents? Are you looking to buy marquee party tent that’s durable, affordable and safe? Speak to the experts in marquee sales for their professional advice. They will advise you on the best party tents to buy.

The term party tents generally refers to structures that are lighter weight than average marquees. Party tents are made using PE material in weights of 90gsm (grams per square metre) in the basic models up to 240gsm in the heavy duty party tents. There is a similar range of different quality framework ranging from 20mm pipework in lightweight models up to heavy duty 38mm steel pipe in heavy duty party tents.

If you’re looking for a good quality party tent marquee then look no further than DIY Marquees – we offer a wide variety of different models starting at our light weight and easy to erect party tent range up to our commercial marquees designed for the marquee hire industry. Whatever your requirements we have the party tent marquee for you.

The following table shows the available sizes in our Classic range of marquees. Size guides can vary greatly, this is due to the variety of ways a marquee can be used. For example a 6x12m marquee can seat 70-80 people at round tables but if you allow for buffet tables and/or a dance floor then the capacity is reduced.

Size of Marquee (width first) Capacity seated Capacity standing
3x2m DIY Party Tent 4-8 4-12
3x4m DIY Party Tent 6-12 9-18
3x6m DIY Party Tent 12-20 15-30
3x8m DIY Party Tent 12-24 18-35
3x10m DIY Party Tent 15-30 20-45
3x12m DIY Party Tent 18-40 27-60
4x4m DIY Party Tent 8-15 10-22
4x6m DIY Party Tent 12-24 18-35
4x8m DIY Party Tent 12-30 18-45
4x10m DIY Party Tent 15-35 18-55
4x12m DIY Party Tent 20-48 25-70
6x6m DIY Party Tent 15-40 20-60
6x12m DIY Party Tent 30-80 40-120
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